War stories?!?

My father once said, parents have war stories and people without children have theories. This could not be more true.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Negotiations at Their Finest

This is a conversation between our boys today ...

Cale (age 9): Peyton, help me clean the toys up.
Peyton (age5): Three bucks. (He holds out his hand)
Cale: Fine. I'll give you three dollars. Wait ... I'll give you five Canadian dollars.
Peyton: Okay. I'll follow your directions for five dollars.
Cale: (mumbling to himself) Ha ha ... you can't even spend it here.

My parents live in Canada and they gave some Canadian money to Cale just so he could see what it looked like and all that. I bet they didn't think it would turn into bribery money. It's funny how manipulative children are. For all of those non-parent people out there who think that children are all about innocence, sugary kisses and good times ... they aren't. And whoever told you that, lied to you. Big time. Kids are born natural manipulators. Just wait till they get into trouble the first time and bat their eyelashes at you. From then on, you're the sucker and they've got your number. 

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